Fortnite: How to Enter the Vault at Doom’s Domain

Fortnite Season 4 Week 7 has brought a couple of interesting yet challenging tasks that players have to complete. Week 7 consists of a total 8 challenges and each challenge offers a minimum 25,000 XP. In a challenge, players have to enter the Vault in Doom’s Domain. Players that are playing Season 4 from the beginning, they’re probably aware of the Dr. Doom location because Epic Games has offered plenty of tasks related to Dr. Doom. In order to play and complete this mission, you have to complete all the previous week challenges first. So if you don’t know the exact procedure to complete this unique challenge, here’s the guide for you.

Fortnite: How to Enter the Vault at Doom’s Domain

Find the Doom’s Domain Vault

Doom’s Domain Vault is located at the south near the soccer pitch. You can get there through any vehicle or use the flying bus drop there using a parachute. Once you drop there, you’ll find a few henchmen on patrolling over the whole area. Without a proper strategy, it will be too difficult to enter the vault. So here is the guide to unlock it and enter it.

How to Enter the Vault in Doom’s Domain

In order to enter the vault, you must have a keycard. The process of acquiring the keycard is slightly tricky because you have to defeat Dr. Doom. He can be found in a building on the north side of town. He is inside the house that has flags on top and turrets. Finding Doctor Doom will not consume much time, but the case is different while defeating him. He is among the most challenging bosses of Season 4, so make sure to prepare yourself when you’re about to start fighting against him. Be equipped with your most potent weapons and some strategy. While battling with Doctor Doom, make sure to maintain an upper ground to avoid Doom’s blast attacks.

Try to save energy as much as possible and shoot him properly. Once you successfully defeat him, you’ll acquire the keycard. Now you have to head towards the soccer pitch once again and deal with the henchmen. Before getting there, make sure to restore your health. Once you take down the entire henchmen, then you simply need to enter the vault at Doom’s Domain. There you have to interact with the vault, and it starts to swing slowly to let you access it.

Once you open the vault and enter it, you’ll see the successful mission notification on your screen. In your total earned XP, 25000 will be added that will help you to unlock the unique hero skins.


For most of the players, this mission could be challenging, so they can play it with their friends as well. Playing with friends can help you to progress the mission quickly. Fortnite is currently the best Battle Royale. Epic Games has done a great job by providing some crazy reward and Marvel-themed events. Fans are so satisfied with the current season and looking forward to getting more interesting updates in future.

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