Google Assistant to Get Keyboard Dictation, Driving Mode, and Other Features

Nowadays, Google Assistant has become an essential part of the lives of many, as it can offer you any required information, control devices, and often provide you key reminders. Currently, Google Assistant is preparing to bring some new features, including the keyboard dictation for selective Pixel devices, a dedicated driving mode and more.

Google Assistant Driving Mode

The Driving Mode would replace the Android Auto app of the handsets; however, Google will still be offering a phone interface. It would be doing so, through an individual application that will act as a shortcut to the previous UI. The final UI, however, might look a bit different than expected. It would be offering a new car mode UI, an Android Auto alike for the devices.

New Google Assistant Keyboard Dictation

Google has also enabled a new Google Assistant’s integrated keyboard dictation feature named Gboard. With the help of Gboard, you can easily send a message without even typing it. You need to tap on the microphone button so as to dictate a message and then send the text to anyone you want without even typing the entire message.

Even though it can be done with the help of the integrated voice input, the users will not have to download standalone voice models in the Gboard, once the keyboard dictation feature comes out. This will help the users in saving some amount of storage space on their handsets. However, the new on-device machine learning models of Google Assistant should enable the voice dictation feature that is fast and more accurate.

The new keyboard dictation feature would integrate seamlessly into the keyboard, and then users will be able to easily dictate the message. We are saying this because we have experienced it before its official launch. Currently, it is not running efficiently and is not as quick as it should be.

This feature was very slow the last time we saw it in action. This was because it was running on a modified first-gen Pixel handset. Also, when we saw it earlier, the keyboard dictation UI was something different, so we are still not sure that among the two interfaces, which of the two will end up being a final version. It would be great if the company tells about it soon.

There are only a few devices on which the new Google Assistant is available. They are Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5. So, according to this information, the new keyboard dictation feature would only be available on these devices.

Connecting to Health Services for Sleep Data

You will be allowed to connect the Google Assistant to various health service providers like Fitbit and more so that it can access your sleep data. Once the Google Assistant gets connected to a health service, it can answer various sleep-related questions of yours with the help of your sleep data. In case, you have devices where the results are turned on for proactive health and fitness; you will be shown this data alongside suggestions and other related content.

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